Are you thinking of moving to Hollywood FL? Things you might not like

Wondering what you might not like if you are moving to Hollywood FL? You need to watch this👆to find out what are some of the most surprising things you have never heard of, but should know about living in Hollywood and we are starting right now.

Things I Hate About Hollywood FL

Are you thinking of moving to Hollywood, FL? Here is a list of things you may not like. In fact, these are some things people hate about Hollywood.

  1. Believe it or not, some people are complaining about the weather?! Hollywood temperatures are around 80-90 in summer and there is always this wonderful breeze. The highest average monthly temperature is in August 84 degrees, the lowest monthly average is February, 68 degrees.
  2. AC bills too high, say others. There are many ways to reduce this: insulation, high efficiency AC units, new thermostat, high impact windows help reducing significantly your AC bill
  3. Houses- too small. The older homes, built during the 50-70s are smaller as the people moving to Hollywood were for the most part empty nesters looking for a gentler climate during the harsh winter months. This has long changed and there are a number of new communities in Hollywood, featuring spacious homes.
  4. Hurricanes- is another concern. The good news is that we have ample warning as they approach and the home owners are better prepared each year.
  5. We do have the rainy season and on occasion, this could be challenging. Flooding is just a part of life and as with everything else, you just got to be careful, prepare and carry insurance.
  6. Then, there is the complaint about insects and critters in general. As we say, Jumanji-sized insects are real, and it seems like they’re all in Florida. So folks- as it is with many other states, summer means bugs, fortunately there is pest control.
  7. Rain or shine, an umbrella comes in handy. The good news is, it is mostly showers so they do not last long.

Now, the take away: “We live where you vacation.”

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